SeaQuest Systems have been awarded the contract for the supply & installation of the complete deck machinery and hydraulic package for the new MFV Eilean Croine.

The hull being built in Poland before it is towed to Killybegs for the installation.

This will be the first of 2 supply contracts with MFV Sparkling Star also to be fitted out this year.

We have worked with the main contractors, Mooney Boats on a number of projects now, and we expect this one to be no different, info on the equipment can be found below.

  • 2 x 28t Trawl Winches, with Grooved drum & Stainless Steel Scroll Shafts
  • 1 x 28t Tail Line Winch
  • 2 x 28t Net Drums
  • 1 x 15t Net Drum
  • 1 x 4t Net Sounder Winch, with Grooved Drum
  • 1 x 15t Gilsen Winch
  • 1 x 6t Anchor Winch
  • Complete Hydraulic System
  • SeaQuest Wire Counting System
  • 2t@10mtr Discharge Crane
  • 2t@8mtr Powerblock Crane, with Powerblock Rotator
  • 3t@4mtr Fish Pump Davit Arm
  • SeaQuest 14in Fish Pump
  • SeaQuest Hydraulic & Fish Hose Reels

We would like to thank the Murphy family for the opportunity for the supply of their new vessel