Following on from the recent delivery of Antarctic to Killybegs, we are delighted to announce that SeaQuest Systems have been awarded the contract to deliver the complete deck machinery package for recently signed Christina S at Karstensens Skibsvaerft, Denmark

In addition to the shipyard, we’d especially like to thank Ernie & Allan Simpson for their trust and confidence in us as part of this fantastic looking new build.

This will be the second complete package supplied to Karstensens, based on the success of the installation on-board MFV Antarctic.

Like Antarctic, all equipment will be manufactured in Killybegs.

SeaQuest Equipment to be supplied includes:

  • 2 x 90t Trawl Winches, with grooved winch drums for easier spooling.
  • 1 x 73t Top-Line Winch
  • 1 x 58t Tail-Line Winch
  • 2 x 110t Net Drums
  • 1 x 4t Net-Sounder Winch, with grooved winch drum.
  • 5 x 3.5t Auxiliary Winches
  • 2 x 2.3t Auxiliary Winches
  • 10 x 11t Mooring Winches
  • 1 x 15t Anchor Winch
  • Complete Hydraulic System
  • SeaQuest Auto Trawl System
  • 2 x 4t @ 18mtr Knuckle-Boom Cranes
  • 1 x 5t @ 12.8mtr Net Stacker Crane with Paralleling Arms
  • 1 x 5t @ 10.9mtr Gantry Crane with powerblock.
  • 2 x 20in Fish Pumps
  • 1 x Hydraulic Hose Reel, supplied with Spooling
  • 1 x 20in Pump-Thru Fish Hose Reel
  • SeaQuest Fish Hoses & Fittings