SeaQuest Systems have been awarded the contract to supply the complete deck machinery package to #480 at Karstensens Skibsværft A/S a 75mtr Purser/Trawler for the Icelandic fleet.

This package is to include the list of machinery below;

  • 85t Trawl Winches
  • 50t Tail Line Winch
  • 110t Net Drums
  • 4t Net Sounder Winch
  • 3t Auxiliary Winches
  • 1t Auxiliary Winches
  • 5t Auxilary Winches
  • 16t Mooring Winches
  • Certified Anchor Winch
  • 40t Net Hauler
  • 40t Purse Winches
  • 20t Endwire Winch
  • 16t Floatline Winch
  • 20t Breast Line Winch
  • 4t @ 13mtr Knuckleboom Crane
  • 4t @ 13mtr Knuckleboom Crane
  • 5t @ 11mtr Net Crane
  • 4t @ 13mtr Net Crane
  • SeaQuest 20in Fish Pump Package

We would like to thank the owners and also the shipyard for this fantastic opportunity to supply our equipment