SeaQuest Hose Reels

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SeaQuest Hydraulic Hose Reel The SeaQuest Hydraulic Hose Reel uses our unique SeaQuest Drive System rather than a chain. This is to eliminate brak-downs from the chain failing during bad weather. SeaQuest Thru-Flo Fish Hose Reel The SeaQuest Thru-Flo Fish Hose Reel was designed for safety and efficiency on board. The Fish Hose need never be disconnected, just pump through the Hose Reel. The large drum core allows the safe storage of Fish Hose, with 2 swivels built in to remove any twists which may appear in the hose. Built using a slewing Drive makes the SeaQuest Thru-Flo Fish Hose Reel stronger and gives it the ability to pull much more weight.
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