Fish Pumps

SeaQuest Fish Pumps are regarded as the best pumps on the market for the delivery of catch. Through our patented design SeaQuest Fish Pumps have a high capacity without lowering the quality of your catch.

Unique to our design is the ability to vary the water to fish ratio, very useful when pumping different species. SeaQuest Fish Pumps also have the capability of working from our competitors hydraulic systems.

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SeaQuest Fish pumps are regarded as No.1 worldwide for the quality of catch delivered, ranging in sizes from 8” to 20”, there is a pump to cater for all sizes of vessels. Being compact in size and light weight is an added bonus to the user, especially during rough seas.

Manufactured mainly from Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel, the only Steel part is the metalised hydraulic motor. For extra protection a rubber bumper is vulcanized to the casing.

SeaQuest Fish Pumps are available for purse seining or trawling applications.

Storage cradle are also available, manufactured completely from Stainless Steel.

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