ERDF – Enterprise Ireland Partnership

SeaQuest Systems are currently implementing a comprehensive development plan which includes additional capital equipment. These additional assets will increase our machining capabilities, reducing lead times for our ever increasing customer orders and also improve our offering to existing customers and attract interest from potential partners. Capital initiatives in this company are co-founded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme…

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Western Chieftain

We would like to congratulate the Doherty family and crew on the delivery of their new  vessel, MFV Western Chieftain to Killybegs this week.

We were delighted to be selected as the suppliers of the FWD & Powerblock cranes, along with our rennown fish pumping packages.

Specifications of SeaQuest Equipment as below

SeaQuest Knuckleboom Crane
SWL 4t @ 13mtr
Stainless Steel Hyd. Pipe and Fittings
Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods
SeaQuest Radio Control System
SeaQuest Powerblock Crane
SWL 4t @ 10.2mtr
Stainless Steel Hyd. Pipe and Fittings
Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods
SeaQuest Radio Control System
Endless rotation on Powerblock arm

SeaQuest 16″ Thru-Flo Fish Hose Reel

Driven with pinon wheels and ring gear
SeaQuest 16″ Stainless Steel Fish Hose Swivels

SeaQuest HHR2-BR Hyd. Hose Reel
Driven by SeaQuest design gearbox

SeaQuest 16″ Fish Pump

SeaQuest Control Valve Stations
SeaQuest Control Valve Stations fabricated from marine grade stainless steel, all  internal valves are blasted, metalised and painted to prevent corrosion
All hydraulic pipework and fittings are stainless steel
SeaQuest radio controls for operation of the hose reels and davitt arm for the lifting  of the fish pump, all radio controlsare laid out with the same arrangement, so if your  unlucky enough to damage one, the control can be borrowed from another area  on-board by swapping out the coded key to another transmitter, and carry-on as normal

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New Seaquest Systems Building Progress

02.10.13 Blasting Building & Paint Shop 16.09.13 Concrete Floor Fabrication Shop 09.09.13 Stores Blockwork 09.09.13 Blasting Shed Steelwork 12.08.13 Installation of Overhead Cranes 15.07.13 First of the Steel Cladding 09.07.13 First from the Inside 01.07.13 Entrance Steel Work 03.06.13 Starting to show the size 30.05.13 Making a start on the steel SeaQuest Site Progression SeaQuest Site Progression  

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F/V Grateful

SeaQuest Systems would like to thank Karstensens Skibsvaerft and the Whyte family for their recent order of equipment for the new pelagic trawler FV Grateful, #435 which will be delivered in July 2017 The significant order includes 24in fish pumps, and cranes for what is sure to be a fantastic boat. While we have supplied fish pumps and other equipment for many years to the shipyard, this is the first…

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