Our Strategy

At SeaQuest Systems our strategy is to continually grow our business while maintaining and building meaningful relationships with our partners in the industry. There are two core principles that have been at the core of our business and act as the foundation. These are passion and drive.

Passion as our core principle, is important as without it most would fail to improve themselves. We are always passionate about what we do wanting to improve and take on any challenge.

Drive is important to us as this is the drive too improve and do it right. As the founder said “failure is just another lesson”. We strive to improve and lead the Irish market and through our works push further into the global market.

These two core aspects of SeaQuest Systems allow for our business to maintain its place today amongst many business of similar status. This is also what sets us out from the rest as our customers and people that we work with, won’t forget the SeaQuest way.

Our Business Model

SeaQuest Systems is a business that focuses on the needs of the customer from local to international businesses. We provide world class products and services with the usage of local Irish materials. Our current brand scale is centralized to Killybegs Ireland with subsidiary branches expanding to Norway and hopefully further in the future. We at SeaQuest Systems believe in the idea of empowering our clients through our professional and streamlined work.